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How get FREE $50 by opening a savings account

Sep 16, 2017

How to Make $50 by opening a savings account

There are 2 bonuses. First you get $50 dollars when you set up a new account and transfer $100 into it. Bonus, you get $100 after 3 months of direct deposit into this account.

How to get $50

Step 1:

Click Enroll Now and use the Orange Key : 16272202S1
You must use the Orange key to get the bonus.

Step 2:
Click “Move my Money” and set up a link to the external account. You will need the information from a blank check.

Then when the accounts are linked, you can transfer 100 in by using the “move my money” from your other bank account and it’s done. Free $50. 🙂


How to get $100 extra

Step 1:
Log into your new account and click “Switch Assistant”. Set up direct deposit and/or pre-authorized payments.

Step 2:
Wait 3 months for the 100 dollars.


I know that money is a difficult topic for a lot of people. I was brought up to not to discuss money with people outside the family.. which is probably more than a lot of people who didn’t talk money at all.

That said. I do like to learn as much as I can about money. I heard about no fee banking about 10 years ago and I couldn’t believe it. At the time I was paying sometimes 10 bucks a month in fees at my regular bank so I couldn’t believe it. I checked it out and compared it against my bank at the time and I couldn’t believe it. Every time I got charged a fee I called the customer service. Eventually, I switched and haven’t looked back. Now, I use Tangerine, simply because on top of the no fees, they have sweet interest rates. The closest I was able to find was .8 here they have .9 and with no fees.

I know that in a way the $50 free money is kind of a turn off since you are expecting a catch… I think the catch is that banks are an ultra-profitable business… they don’t need to charge all those extra fees. They make enough money from re-lending our money. They just want our long-term business.

Interest rates subject to change. Offer expires at October 31, 2017



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