WHR #57 : Melissa Mackey - Empower-Preneur - Work @ Home RockStar

WHR #57 : Melissa Mackey – Empower-Preneur

Nov 7, 2016

14480535_10157511976920635_5333708955384181680_oMelissa Mackey is a Canadian author, motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur. She was the host of the Ignite Me Now radio show. She’s appeared on many tv networks including, Breakfast Television, Shaw Cable, Global TV, Canadian Pickers, Much Music, and Alberta Primetime. Her Ignite Me Now blog was nominated as one of Canada’s Top Lifestyle blogs and her book Soulvival of the Fittest shows people how to live their life to the fullest no matter what has happened to you. Her area of expertise is Igniting the Fire within; personal leadership. She delivers her message to inspire action and she is very thought provoking. Her forward thinking mindset combined with her enthusiasm and a desire to help humanity tap into their truth is what sets her apart from most. If she is not breastfeeding, playing with her babe Patience Grace or pup Jaya, she is usually found boarding a plane off a new adventure. She loves travel and has a true passion to help others share their story, tap into their truth and shine as leaders. She is committed to making a difference on this plan Here is the link for the Awakened Women Conference she will be discussing: http://awconference.org

Episode #57 : Melissa Mackey

by Work @ Home RockStar Podcast

Show Notes

  • How did Melissa become a Work @ Home RockStar
  • The dangers of being a “solopreneur”
  • How to determine when you are ready to delegate
  • If you are spending energy on things you don’t like it will affect other parts of your business
  • Delegate some of the “house” tasks
  • Working from different locations gives us an opportunity to meet new people for business
  • Everyone needs a coach

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