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Seek and ye shall find

Oct 5, 2014

searchIf you look hard enough for something, eventually you will find it.

We live in the information age. Anything you could possibly want to know is available at your fingertips. All you have to do is Google it.

If that is true, then that means we all have the information available to us to be rich and healthy. So why are the rich getting richer and why is our health getting worse?

Unfortunately, it is just as easy to find the information about how to be broke and unhealthy as it is to find the information on how to be rich and healthy. Here’s the kicker. Most of us are looking for the wrong information. We are looking for information to justify the position that we find ourselves in, rather than looking for the information about how to get better.

Several years ago I took an Online Marketing course. I learned how to optimize web pages and video so that they get more hits. Guess what the best tip is to get people to watch your videos and articles? It is to put “Scam” in the title.

For example, when people hear about a new program that will help them lose weight, get healthy and make money. This sounds like something that is way too good to be true. Since most people are skeptical by nature, they will want to make sure that they aren’t getting ripped off. They tend to assume that the “positive testimonials” are just people trying to sell it for their own personal gain. So when a person goes to Google to search it, the first thing they normally look for is whether it is a scam or not.

Since marketers know this, they will position competitive products with keywords of “scam”. Interestingly enough, some people will post positive information under the title “Is this thing a scam”. Many people don’t even bother to read the article they just see “scam” and immediately write it off.

So what are YOU looking for? If there are people out there living healthy and wealthy, wouldn’t it make sense to focus on learning from them?

Just some food for thought. 🙂


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